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Category A


Tea and coffee can either be served to the tables or presented in the form of a buffet.
We offer:

  • Ceylon, Rooibos, Masala and Herbal Teas
  • Caffeinated and Decaffeinated Coffee
  • White and Brown Sugar, Honey and Artificial Sweetener
  • Fresh and Powdered Milk

Category B

Summer Drinks

We have the following chilled drinks on offer:
Falooda Crush - a rose - flavoured milkshake topped with ice- cream
Milkshakes - variety fruit- flavoured with real fruits, when available
Lemonade - home made with lemon slices
Lemon Tea - served with crushed ice
Berry Blaze & Passion Fruit & Lemonade

Category C

Winter Drinks

We serve the following hot beverages on offer:
Seerkhurma - a nutty, saffron- flavoured milk drink
Milo - a cocoa flavoured milk drink
Hot Chocolate - a chocolate- flavoured milk drink
Horlicks - a malt- flavoured milk drink
Nescafe - an aroma- rich pure coffee

Category D

Grape Juice for Toasting-2 bottles per table
We provide:

  • One (1) bottle white and one(1) bottle red grape juice per table.
  • Long-stemmed glasses.

Category E

Buffet Bar Facility

This facility enables us to provide your guests with a variety of fizzy drinks and a selection of fresh fruit juices.
Guests to help themselves.
We offer the following fizzy drinks:

  • Cokes
  • Ginger Beer
  • Diet Drinks
  • Fanta
  • Lemonade & Passion Fruit
  • Sprite
  • Ice Tea

Category F

Juices and Snacks in the Foyer
This facility enables us to welcome your guests with:

  • A selection of fruit juices.
  • A selection of Cape cheeses.
  • A variety of crackers topped with oysters, mussels, sardines, anchovies and pates.
  • A selection of corn crisps and dips.
  • A selection of peanuts- plain, salted or chilli

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