There are Four (4) categories of Starters A, B,C, D
Starters can either:

  • Be served individually, or
  • In platter or bowls to the tables, or
  • Presented a buffet, or
  • Accompany the main meal if felt that main meal is inadequate
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Category A

Tasty Starters
A1. Fresh Fruit Platter

A selection of freshly sliced Cape fruit in season- a refreshing summer starter ideal for the vegetarian and the health conscious.

A2. Salad Platter

A variety of freshly cut garden vegetables dress with freshly chopped pasrsley, fetta cheese, olives and a home-made salad dressing- a must for summer.

Category B

Mouth-watering starters
B1.Phyllo Platter

A selection of oriental savouries such as samoosas, pies, quiche, pizzas & cheesy chicken bites served with a tangy dip.

B2. Soups

A hot or cold homemade soup, choice of Chicken & Corn, Chicken & noodle, Vegetable, Minestrone, Mushroom, Seafood, Creamy Vegetable or Butternut Soup served with continental rolls or health bread and butter.

B3. Pizza Tray

A tray filled with tasty Italian flavours – pizzas topped with steak & peppers, viennas & salami, chicken & mushroom, tuna & onion

B4. Pate Platter

Health bread served with a selection of your favourite homemade pates- chicken liver pate, smoked snoek pate, egg pate, tuna pate, mushroom & dill pate, hummus

B5. Mumbai Platter

A selection of traditional vegetarian delights- potato balls, samoosas, chilli bites & springrolls

B6. Grilled Chicken Salad

A variety of fresh cut garden vegetables topped with tender chicken fillets

B7. Patta Bake

Spicy patta served with creamstyle corn & white sauce topped with crunchy paaper bites

B8. Hake & Salads

Cajun style served with toss salad & tartare sauce

B9. Thai Prawn Pasta

served individually

B10. Nicoise Salad
B11. Grilled Chicken Skewer served on a bed of salads
B12. Nachos

Corn Chips, topped with a bean salsa & cheese

B13. Pot Pie

Creamed Chicken & Mushroom topped with pastry

B14. Cottage Pie

Beef Mince & vegetables topped with mashed potatoes

B15. Prawn Cocktail

served individually

Category C

Scrumptious Starters
C1. Hake Platter

Freshly grilled hake fillets served with tartare sauce, lemons and a garden fresh salad

C2. Pot-Pie

Individually served creamy chicken & mushroom pie

C3. Vol –au-Vent Tray

Pastry shells filled with interesting savoury chicken, beef, tuna, mushroom & dill

C4. Pastry Tray

A variety of homemade pastries: sauasage rolls, cheese puffs, spinach & fetta triangles, pies filled with steak and chicken

Category D

Exotic Starters
D1. Tikka Platter

Spicy cubed chicken fillets and beef mince seekh kebabs served with raita and a fresh greens for garnishings

D2. Cold Meat Platter

A variety of cold meats and cocktail meatballs served with health bread and real butter

D3. Chicken Platter

A selection of chicken delights consisting of sweet chilli winglets, chicken nuggets, crumbed chicken drummies and fried chicken livers served with a peri peri dip

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