• Platters feed 10 - 12 People
  • Please allow 48 hours from ordering to delivery
  • Prices subject to change without prior notification
  • Delivery charge not included
  • Items may vary according to availability

Download the platter specials


Breakfast Platter:

Muffins, Scones and Croissants served with butter, jam and cheese

Cocktail Roll Platter:

Tuna Mayo, Cheese & Tomato, Egg & Mayo, Chicken & Mayo

Savory Platter:

Samoosas, Pies, Pizzas, Quiche, Cheezy chicken bites served with a chilli dip

Vegetarian Platter:

Potato samoosas, spinach & cheese half moons, pizzas, mix veg springrolls, quiche

Biscuit & Dip Platter:

Assorted biscuits served with (Choice of 3 Dips) Egg & Mayo, Tuna & Mayo, Butternut & Feta, Smoked Snoek, Chicken Liver, Hummus, Pepperdew dip

Mini Pizza Platter:

Chicken, steak, cold meats and vegetarian

Cocktail Canape Platter:

Sweet chilli prawn, smoked salmon

Chicken Platter: (40 pieces)

Salt & Pepper OR Sweet Chilli served with chutney. Legs, Wings and Strips

Cold Meat Platter:

Assorted mixed Cold meats served with a chilli sauce

Dessert Platter:

Assorted cakes and pastries

Fruit Platter:

Assorted sliced fruits in season served with yoghurt

Crudite Bite Platter:

Selection of Raw Vegetables served with a creamy yoghurt herb dip

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