Clients are requested to study the following conditions of service very carefully so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes during and after the function. Over the years many of our clients have become our friends simply because they understood our service and liked the way we operate.


  • A new Price List will be issued each year. It will supersede all previous issues and will become effective immediately. Prices quoted are subject to change without prior notification.
  • After you have studied our Price List and Conditions of Service and you would like us to cater for your function, we request you pay your booking fee immediately. Please note we work on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not accept provisional bookings. Only once your booking fee has been paid, will the date be confirmed in your name in our diary.
  • A non- refundable and non-deductable booking fee of R1000.00 paid in cash confirms your booking.
  • The final payment for the function can either be:
    Paid in cash fifteen (15) days prior to the function or Electronic fund transfer.
    NB. We will not do your function unless all monies have been paid up in full.
    Our Banking Details are:

    Account Name: Cathkin Caterers CC
    Branch: Standard Bank Rondebosch
    Account Number: 072 933 216
    Branch Code: 051001
  • No discounts for fundraising events will be entertained. We work on an extremely low-profit margin. When discounts are given, services are shrunk and standards are dropped. This invariably leads to problems.
  • The service charge will not be reduced should you not require any of the items or services listed.


  • Lunch sessions are from 11am to 3pm. If the function is a lunch, guests will only be allowed to enter the venue at 11am at the earliest. We propose the Nikkah to be at 09h00am. Guests enter at 11am. The bridal party enters at 11h15am and speeches extends from 11h30am to 12h30pm. Please do not invite guests later than 11:30am.
  • We do not entertain lunch functions where guests are invited after Thuar-salaah. This arrangement is to accommodate us in the event of having a Supper commitment on the same day.
  • Morning Tea / Breakfast sessions are from 9am to 1pm.
  • Supper sessions are from 5h30pm to 9h30pm OR 6pm to 10pm OR 7pm to 11pm. If the function is a supper, we propose that the guests are invited for 5h30pm OR 6pm. We further advise that the actual supper will not be served later than 8pm irrespective of how far the program has progressed or whether the bridal couple is present.
  • We do not entertain supper functions where guests are invited before 5pm. This arrangement is to accommodate us in the event of having a lunch commitment on the same day as we do two functions on the same day at Tuscany.


  • We usually provide one (1) waitron for every 20 guests or 2 tables. If the client wants additional waitrons, this can be arranged at an extra cost.
  • We provide one (1) tablecloth for every 10 persons. If the client wants fewer than 10 persons per table, this too can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • We cater for the amount of guests that we are paid for. If the function is over-attended, we will serve the extra guests. We will however, charge the client for any extra guests. Please note that payment for any extra guests must be made in cash or via eft at our office upfront in order for us to accommodate the extra guests. If the function is under-attended, no refund will be made. The necessary expenses have been incurred for the guests who have not attended the function.
  • We cater for a minimum of 100 adult guests on a weekend (Friday to Sundays, and public holidays). We cater for a minimum of 60 guests during the week (Monday to Thursday).
  • Additional tables for gifts, dessert buffets and entrance drinks will be charged separately.


  • Salaah facilities are available upstairs.
  • All fried savouries supplied by the client are served crispy and hot and we offer to fry these items at no extra charge at Tuscany however, three (3) litres of fish oil must be supplied by the client per 100 units.


  • Gifts, place cards, souvenirs, flowers etc. provided by the client should be brought to the venue. This also applies to wedding and birthday cakes. Cakes should be delivered on the day of the function. We do not have storage space to store cakes and we cannot be held responsible for damages to these cakes.
  • The client is reminded to bring along cardboard boxes for the gifts.
  • All edibles provided by the client must always be sufficient and of a high quality. The amount needed will be specified and carefully checked when it arrives at the venue. If we are not satisfied with the quality and quantity of the edibles, then it will not be served.
  • All containers, equipment and furniture provided by the client must be removed by the client from Tuscany at the end of the function.
  • Crockery, cutlery, furniture, linen, equipment, containers etc. provided by the client is the responsibility of the client. Cathkin Caterers can in no way be held responsible for damages to, or loss of these items.
  • Please ensure helpers are brought along to off-load items provided by the client.


  • Only our staff is allowed into the kitchen and to serve food. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • While the food is being presented, the client and all other guests should be seated. Persons trying to “help” normally cause more disruption than anything else.
  • Our tables are normally numbered for the sake of our waitrons. If the numbers have to be in a specific order, then please indicate this at least 3 days before the function. No changes will be entertained once the tables have been numbered.
  • We expect the client to trust us fully. Detectives or floor walkers set up by the client to watch us will be removed forcefully. It is senseless hiring caterers if you do not trust them.
  • None of the guests are allowed to take away edibles or utensils. If the client wants to take away edibles then we suggest the client provide containers.
  • Please advise the DJ/ Band/ Sound engineer/Video man to be set up long before the function is scheduled to start. These persons usually arrive at the last minute and expect us to arrange the venue to accommodate them. This will not be tolerated. Please remind them to bring along a tablecloth for the table they will be using, and their own stands & electrical leads.
  • Leftover food: A very sensitive issue.
    • If the client provides the food, then all the food leftover is regarded as leftover food.
    • If we provide the food and the full complement of guests are present, then there is no leftover food.
    • If we provide the food and the full complement of guests are not present then the client is entitled to the food of the guests not present. The client must however provide containers for the leftover food.
    • If the client is not interested in the leftover food, we willingly undertake to distribute the food.
  • When clubs, schools and organizations plan fund-raising events, we advise them to make the deadline for the ticket money at least 7 days before the actual function. This will facilitate final negotiations with us. Please remember very few tickets are sold at the door. Please consult with us before the tickets are printed regarding the menu.
  • We do request the client to contact us after the function to inform us about the quality of the edibles and the services rendered. Constructive criticism is always welcome. If we are not contacted we will assume that you are highly satisfied.
  • Complaints must reach us in writing within seven (7) days after the function.
  • We are willing to prepare special dishes which do not appear in our brochure, on request.
  • We do not allow any date changes. If you want your date changed an additional booking fee is payable.
  • Children under 10 years old pay the package price chosen less 20%. This only applies if you are having more than 100 adult guests. The maximum number of kids allowed at the reduced rate is 20.


Our head office is known as Tuscany. It is situated in the heart of Rylands. It is a 4000m2 plot and is bordered by Tussen Road, College Road and Jane Avenue. The garden is fully-landscaped and has a beach pool, fishponds and aviaries. The grounds are fully enclosed and has a Tuscan villa called Tuscany. It is a function and conference venue which is rustic yet elegant in character, and can accommodate 300 guests on the inside and an additional 80 guests on the veranda, weather permitting. We do not allow liquor and loud music on the grounds.

Our Christian clients are most welcome to have the actual wedding ceremony at Tuscany. The ceremony can be followed with a photo session in the garden and lunch/supper thereafter at an additional cost.

The weather is totally outside of our control and we cannot be held liable for unfavourable weather conditions. The client is fully responsible for the activities of all their guests while they are present at Tuscany. Children must be watched very carefully.

Please note: We have two functions on the same day at Tuscany.

Address on invitations: Tuscany 2 Jane Avenue, Rylands (opposite Galaxy nightclub)


Cathkin Caterers shall not be liable for any loss or damage in which the client may be involved in consequence of any defect or neglect in the arrangement attending to the hiring of Tuscany however caused or arising in any way from the hire of Tuscany. The client hereby indemnifies Cathkin Caterers and keeps Cathkin Caterers indemnified against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, damages and expenses which may levied or made against Cathkin Caterers or which Cathkin Caterers may sustain or incur by reason of an injury or damage to persons, or property of any persons arising directly or indirectly out of the clients occupation at, or use of Tuscany. The client further indemnifies Cathkin Caterers and keeps Cathkin Caterers indemnified against all costs, damages and expenses which may be suffered by Cathkin Caterers as a result of any damage of whatsoever nature caused to Tuscany arising directly or indirectly out of the client’s occupation at or use of Tuscany. Cathkin Caterers will not be held accountable for any loss incurred by the host as a result of acts of God; lack of municipal services or issues that may arise which are outside of our control.

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